There are really two questions here:

  1. Why migrate to a new country to study?; and
  2. Why create a site like

Why migrate to a new country to study?

The first question is relatively easy to answer, although it has many components and many reasons for someone to consider taking action.

Study options in countries like Australia can often be better, in terms of perceived quality, than in countries with less-developed economies.

Studying overseas in a country like Australia also can provide an opportunity to experience an entirely different culture and way of life.  This is obviously worth considering as a way to broaden your mind, and to gain knowledge of the world outside a single country.

Study in Australia also provides the opportunity to learn a new language in a ‘real’ environment, rather than in a classroom situation or from a book or teach-yourself DVD.

The issue of migration automatically is a consideration once your decision to study in Australia has been made, as you will need permission to enter the country in a way which, initially, limits you to study activities only; full migration quickly becomes a consideration if you wish to do more than simply study and return to your home country.

Once in Australia, you may also, of course, pursue information around more extended, or even permanent, forms of migration.

This leads clearly to the second question:

Why create

The intention is to provide a solid, comprehensive source of information for migration services, agents and consultants within Australia.

Agents can be found in this site by searching and sorting in a number of ways, depending on what fits your needs best:

Please note:
The information here is provided as a reference resource only, and is not intended to be a set of recommendations or endorsements.