What is the points test?

The points test is an objective and unbiased means of identifying skilled migrants with both the skills and professional attributes that Australia needs.

Listed below are the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas which are subject to a points test assessment at the time of writing (June 2015):

  • Skilled (Migrant) (Class VE) Independent subclass 175 visas
  • Skilled (Migrant) (Class VE) Sponsored subclass 176 visas
  • Skilled (Provisional) (Class VC) Regional – Sponsored subclass 487 visas
  • Skilled (Provisional) (Class VF) Regional – Sponsored subclass 475 visas
  • Skilled (Residence) (Class VB) Independent subclass 885 visas
  • Skilled (Residence) (Class VB) Sponsored subclass 886 visas

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What is the points test pass mark?

The pass mark is the total number of points you need to be eligible for any visa that is subject to a points test. The current pass mark is 65 points.

What is meant by the ‘pool mark’?

Where the pool mark is set lower than the pass mark, applicants whose score is lower than the pass mark but is equal or greater than the pool mark, are held in a pool for a specified time. Currently, however, the pool mark for all visas that are subject to a points test is equal to the pass mark, which means no applications are currently being placed in the pool.

What happens if my application fails to meet the points test pass mark?

Any application that fails to meet the points test pass mark for the specific visa you have applied for must be refused.

Prospective applicants who fail to meet the pass mark for skilled migration may alternatively want to consider alternative migration options.  These include the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and the Employer Nomination Scheme, for example.

How often does the points test pass mark change?

The pass mark varies in response to Australian labour market needs.  As such, it may change often or infrequently, and will change in response to particular trends, demands or skills requirements that the Australian Government identifies over time.